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Hearing Lab

Welcome to the web site for the Hearing Lab in the Department of Cognitive Science at UC Irvine. Our research goal is to contribute to the understanding of the perception of complex sounds by humans. The primary research tools we employ are psychophysical methods and computational models.

At present our research focus includes informational masking and the perceptual organization of complex sounds. Informational masking is a general term often used to capture the fact that stimulus uncertainty leads to substantial reductions in observers' ability to make judgments regarding complex sounds. Recent experiments have focused on providing general models against which human data can be compared, and examining the ways in which stimulus manipulations can be applied to reduce informational masking. Our work in the field of the perceptual organization of complex sounds is just beginning, and at present we are estimating a general linear model applied to the detection of a continuous sound stream presented against a background of multiple tone pips



University of California
184 Social Science Lab
Irvine, CA 92697-5100

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Last update: 17 February, 2011

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